"Maka apabila langit telah terbelah dan menjadi merah mawar seperti (kilapan) minyak" (Ar-Rahman: 37)


Yaa sayyid as-Saadaat wa Nuur al-Mawjuudaat, yaa man huwaal-malja’u liman massahu dhaymun wa ghammun wa alam.Yaa Aqrab al-wasaa’ili ila-Allahi ta’aalaa wa yaa Aqwal mustanad, attawasalu ilaa janaabika-l-a‘zham bi-hadzihi-s-saadaati, wa ahlillaah, wa Ahli Baytika-l-Kiraam, li daf’i dhurrin laa yudfa’u illaa bi wasithatik, wa raf’i dhaymin laa yurfa’u illaa bi-dalaalatik, bi Sayyidii wa Mawlay, yaa Sayyidi, yaa Rasuulallaah:

(1) Nabi Muhammad ibn Abd Allah Salla Allahu ’alayhi wa alihi wa sallam
(2) Abu Bakr as-Siddiq radiya-l-Lahu ’anh
(3) Salman al-Farsi radiya-l-Lahu ’anh
(4) Qassim ibn Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(5) Ja’far as-Sadiq alayhi-s-salam
(6) Tayfur Abu Yazid al-Bistami radiya-l-Lahu ’anh
(7) Abul Hassan ’Ali al-Kharqani qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(8) Abu ’Ali al-Farmadi qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(9) Abu Ya’qub Yusuf al-Hamadani qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(10) Abul Abbas al-Khidr alayhi-s-salam
(11) Abdul Khaliq al-Ghujdawani qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(12) ’Arif ar-Riwakri qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(13) Khwaja Mahmoud al-Anjir al-Faghnawi qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(14) ’Ali ar-Ramitani qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(15) Muhammad Baba as-Samasi qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(16) as-Sayyid Amir Kulal qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(17) Muhammad Bahaa’uddin Shah Naqshband qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(18) ‘Ala’uddin al-Bukhari al-Attar qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(19) Ya’quub al-Charkhi qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(20) Ubaydullah al-Ahrar qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(21) Muhammad az-Zahid qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(22) Darwish Muhammad qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(23) Muhammad Khwaja al-Amkanaki qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(24) Muhammad al-Baqi bi-l-Lah qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(25) Ahmad al-Faruqi as-Sirhindi qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(26) Muhammad al-Ma’sum qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(27) Muhammad Sayfuddin al-Faruqi al-Mujaddidi qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(28) as-Sayyid Nur Muhammad al-Badawani qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(29) Shamsuddin Habib Allah qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(30) ‘Abdullah ad-Dahlawi qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(31) Syekh Khalid al-Baghdadi qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(32) Syekh Ismaa’il Muhammad ash-Shirwani qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(33) Khas Muhammad Shirwani qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(34) Syekh Muhammad Effendi al-Yaraghi qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(35) Sayyid Jamaaluddiin al-Ghumuuqi al-Husayni qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(36) Abuu Ahmad as-Sughuuri qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(37) Abuu Muhammad al-Madanii qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(38) Sayyidina Syekh Syarafuddin ad-Daghestani qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(39) Sayyidina wa Mawlaana Sultan al-Awliya Sayyidi Syekh ‘Abd Allaah al-Fa’iz ad-Daghestani qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah
(40) Sayyidina wa Mawlaana Sultan al-Awliya Sayyidi Syekh Muhammad Nazhim al-Haqqaani qaddasa-l-Lahu sirrah

Syahaamatu Fardaani
Yuusuf ash-Shiddiiq
‘Abdur Ra’uuf al-Yamaani
Imaamul ‘Arifin Amaanul Haqq
Lisaanul Mutakallimiin ‘Aunullaah as-Sakhaawii
Aarif at-Tayyaar al-Ma’ruuf bi-Mulhaan
Burhaanul Kuramaa’ Ghawtsul Anaam
Yaa Shaahibaz Zaman Sayyidanaa Mahdi Alaihis Salaam 
wa yaa Shahibal `Unshur Sayyidanaa Khidr Alaihis Salaam

Yaa Budalla
Yaa Nujaba
Yaa Nuqaba
Yaa Awtad
Yaa Akhyar
Yaa A’Immatal Arba’a
Yaa Malaaikatu fi samaawaati wal ardh
Yaa Awliya Allaah
Yaa Saadaat an-Naqsybandi

Rijaalallaah a’inunna bi’aunillaah waquunuu ‘awnallana bi-Llah, ahsa nahdha bi-fadhlillah .

Mawlana Shaykh Qabbani

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Kamis, 18 Juni 2009


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How to make the Law of Attraction Work for You
Note: the Law of Attraction is always working for you, but you might wonder why then is it not bringing
to you what you want? Why does it seem to not be working for you even though it must be? Here I will
assert that it most definitely IS always functioning, but according to our command. Here we will discover
our true power in life, the conscious command, as well as the origins and power of the unconscious
command and how we can correct it with The Power of the Positive Command. The irritating
thought of absence is a trick to awaken our conscious participation.
Realization is the result of Contemplation, so Contemplate Divine Unity. This is the fundamental and
ongoing practice and teaching of all schools of metaphysical understanding and ‘mystic’ achievement.
Without the contemplation and realization of Divine Unity nothing works. It is the beginning and the
end of the journey.
Now call it (Divine Unity) ‘God’, and ascribe to it the Attributes of divinity: Existence, Life, Conscious
Intelligence, Power, Will, Speech, Sight, Hearing.
Now ascribe to yourself the same attributes. Is it not so?
The hard one is Existence.
Realizing your Spiritual and Physical Existence
It is often very difficult for us to grasp the true nature of our own existence.
But the contemplation and realization of our spiritual and physical existence is what brings us into a
conscious awareness of our own reality. and conscious awareness of our own reality is the means by
which we increase our personal magnetism and realize our power.
And it is not always easy.
Try contemplating your self-existence, and see how long you can stay with it. But even more so, contemplate
the meaning of the word ‘existence’ and apply it to yourself. What does it mean, to exist, to
Try, for example, to say ‘I AM”, and really mean it. Now try to say “I am Powerful.” Check your belief
level. Do you really believe it with absolute certainty, or do you sense certain levels of disbelief (as
in “yeah, Right!”), or skepticism?
In order to attract, you have to exist. In order to attract consciously, you have to exist consciously.
Most of us are ‘existing’ in some form of a state of willful self-denial.
Wow, self-denial, unwillingness to take part in, to be a part of .... the life we exist in.
The Power of Conscious Participation
Sufficient contemplation of Divine Unity (Reality) will bring you to the realization of your own spiritual
and physical existence, which is a necessary prerequisite for the work to follow, i.e. the conscious
direction of personal magnetism. For how can you contemplate something and not be a part of it? It is a
proven law of physics that observation influences the observed. And with the realization of your existence
comes the realization of the Law of Attraction - your natural power of attraction. It is not an illusory, imaginary power, and with it comes the realization of your power of choice, to choose how the
Law of Attraction works for you. This is the very real power within your very existence.
So, If you want to be really powerful, to consciously use or enhance your power, you must be quite
certain of (through serious contemplation) your spiritual and physical existence; Your Own Reality.
Firstly, without existence, you have no power at all. Is that why we deny ourselves? Are we afraid of
our power, as has been so often stated?
But primarily, in witnessing your own existence you are practicing self-awareness, and self-awareness
increases personal magnetism and demonstrates the power of our conscious participation in the Law of
The GOOD news is, when we are participating consciously, we are no longer participating unconsciously.
That is the power of Conscious Participation.
Life seems to consist of the disempowered and the overpowering. Two side of the same coin.
Knowledge of the reality behind the illusion is what turns the tables. In other words, the truth is quite
the opposite. The overpowering are in reality the disempowered (because they cannot help others and
can only ‘help’ themselves) and the disempowered will have the power because they will seek it and are
under no illusion as to having it or not. In other words, they know the difference between having it and
not having it and will recognize their true power when they discover it. Whereas those under the illusion
of power will not seek it and will not recognize it until it is in the possession of those they were
Contemplate your spiritual and physical existence (your reality in God) and you will see your power.
Don’t just think about contemplating your existence. Don’t overlook the actual practice by registering
the description in your brain catalog.
Contemplate your existence. You ARE the power you seek.
You cannot have conscious power without being conscious of your self and your power. You cannot
say “I have power” without saying “I”. You cannot attribute Reality to God without attributing it to
yourself also. Sufi tradition says. “As you remember Me, so I will remember you.”
And you cannot use your power properly without owning it, recognizing it as yours. You cannot exercise
your power without recognizing yourself as the ‘exercizer’ of your power. If you want to exercise
‘your’ power (and of course you do), you must first recognize it as ‘yours’. So the first step is to recognize
yourself as real, to contemplate your existence, until you are no longer in any doubt as to your existence
and your true power.
How do we choose? We don’t control the power, it simply exists. But we do control ourselves.
Either consciously or unconsciously, you have the choice as to how the Law of Attraction works for
you. You are the one who chooses to accept or reject.
And now we know where the work is.

The Power of the Unconscious Mind
The unconscious mind is the repository of the logics (algorithms) that dictate our basic operating system
- the beliefs, impressions and conclusions drawn from our life’s experiences. The unconscious mind
is full of unconscious (because they are already accepted as true and do not need to be called up consciously
or reinvestigated) commands - our conclusions about life and the way it works.
The unconscious mind is pretty much what dictates how our show is run, and pretty much because of
it we can relax - don’t really need to be around too much, or too conscious, too much of the time. We
instinctually trust that we can take care of ourselves in almost any situation and pretty much take life
easy because of that trust in our unconscious and its reflexes.
The unconscious mind is the repository of most of our tried and true reactions. It is where the command
to react and how to react to any given situation is issued. In a nutshell, it gives us our feeling of
security; that we don’t really need to think except when our unconscious mind feels in need of an answer
or a solution to a pending issue, which happens to some of us more often than to others.
The single fault of the unconscious mind is that it takes for true only the impressions and conclusions
drawn from life experience and rarely reinvestigates them in the Light of Spiritual Unity or objective
Genevieve Behrend, student of Thomas Troward, paraphrases him by saying, “It should be understood
that your subjective mind receives its impressions from the objective mind, and never from material
things. It is therefore necessary to withdraw your thought from the material or physical thing you desire
and to mentally dwell upon the spiritual symbol of it, which is the inherent source of its formation.” (GBTT
In other words, the unconscious mind is the repository of inherited and acquired (Karmic) assumptions,
and extremely resistant to investigation or change, due to its inherently defensive and need-to-becertain
nature. After all, we don’t naturally doubt our experience.
However, the experiences of each of us are different, and the conclusions drawn from them may vary
upon the temperament and mental makeup of the individual. So it is safe to say that there is no necessary
commonality among the multitude of unconscious minds except that they’re unconscious. The contents
of the unconscious mind are simply not thought about anymore as they are categorized in each individual
as foregone conclusions - the way things are; reality.
The Power of the Subconscious Mind
The subconscious mind is our organ of power. It simply carries out commands. It brings, it fetches, it
changes, it shows, it creates, it demonstrates. It controls our bodies and their actions. For example, if the
subconscious registers and accepts the command ‘be sick’, you can rest assured that sickness will manifest
immediately. And so it goes with any thought. Be rich, be poor, be stupid, be confused, be needy, be
pitiful, helpless, hopeless, etc.; all strategic commands given during your infantile and adolescent life in
reaction to relationship with other demanding conditional and needy people, in your ongoing endeavor
to get what you want.
These conclusions and their relevant commands are now lodged in your unconscious mind and pop up
at a moment’s notice when the perception of needing them is present. The subconscious hears them and
obeys, and the body immediately responds with the equivalent behavior.

This is all proven. The intelligence of DNA and its capacity for immediate response to thought is well
documented. And, it can be proven in your immediate experience. Think, for example, a pleasant
thought. How does it make you feel? Now think an unpleasant thought. How does that make you feel?
So here’s how the Law of Attraction works. It works according to your feeling, not necessarily according
to your intention. You can intend good things all day long and still not even have a good day, let
alone get all the things you intended. You can ‘affirm’ all day long (or longer) and still feel hopeless and
bereft. Don’t you know it’s true?
We bring things into existence by our feelings toward them. We literally ‘feel’ things into existence.
The Universe responds to our feelings, not to our will or even to our intention. Intention is only a primary
action, but for an intention to reach manifestation there must be the concomitant corresponding
feeling. In other words, if you don’t feel it, it ain’t real.
Which came first, the good news or the happiness? Logical left-brain thinking will tell you, “why the
goods news, of course. It made you happy”. But could it be that our happiness, or lack thereof, had an
influence on the outcome - on the news we heard? This is what is being proposed, and there seems to be
some scientific evidence to back it up. In the movie What the Bleep Do We Know it was shown how our
attitude in the form of a smile or frown would affect the crystallization of water and snow.
And from there we reach the conclusion that the universe responds to our feelings. and our feelings
are the result of our psychic attitude, and that we can control, as in change, our psychic attitude.
So how can we influence our psychic attitude? Well the psyche responds to truth with strength, power
and magnetism, and it is very magnetic. and it flees from and abhors falsehood. So when we affirm truth
our psyche activates joy and happiness within us, and when we affirm falsehood it responds with its decision
to fight or flee. So you can see why the ‘fight or flight’ mode, the ‘reactive mind’, is so overwhelmingly
dominant in us when we are born to be bombarded by a world of deception, falsehood in
reasoning and incorrect conclusions.
There are two truths that are inherent in the contemplation of Divine Unity, and these truths are:
“There is no Separation” - that Life is a continuum in which all things are always present, and therefore,
“There is no Absence” - infinite resources are always available to you with merely a correctly understood
thought of that reality. This truth will empower you. Untruth will disempower you. Orient your
mind toward thoughts that increase your feeling of goodness and you are increasing your power to be
well and to feel and do good. Orient your mind toward thoughts that make you feel bad (yes, unbelievably,
there are people who do this consciously and willfully, as will be explained later) and you will increase
your capacity to feel bad.
The good news is that in either case you are exercising your power. You ARE in control.
The psyche also responds positively to good news. And the news that it has the power to attract to itself
anything and everything it wants can be very happy-making. and that happiness influences the feelings
that attract the object of desire.
So WHY do we make the choices we make?
One of the reasons is “It feels like love to me.” If we are comfortable and feel a sense of unity and
communion with others from tense and argumentative circumstances we will create the circumstances
that will cause us to feel similarly at home no matter how perverse (objectively) they may be. If we are
accustomed to getting the attention we need by creating ourselves as weak, disempowered and helpless,
then we will manifest ourselves according to the strategies we believe will bring about the desired result
or feeling.

The universe responds to our happiness. It will give us what we want. But what are we wanting?
Where are our commands coming from?
And what is the fastest way to be happy? Why, to have everything we want, of course. Imagine having
everything you want. Imagine the fulfillment of your hearts deepest desires. Project that into your future
and see how it makes you feel right now.
Wouldn’t it be nice if our bodies walked around constantly radiating the feeling of having everything,
constantly knowing that it is all there and that we can have or do anything we want at any time? Doesn’t
that sound like the most wonderful feeling in the world?
Well, it just happens to be true, but how can you convince yourself of that?
If you understand the nature of Unity, of the oneness and immediate presence of all creation, you will
understand the power of you subconscious to call upon any part of it at any time, bringing it to you,
manifesting it in your presence instantly. Even the idea of the instant acquisition of anything and everything
you’ve ever wanted has got to be a very happy-making feeling, if you can believe it. And that very
happiness, the contentment of having it, of knowing that it is yours merely for the wanting, is what
draws the objects of your desire toward you.
You do not have to know ‘how’ it will come to you, merely be assured that it will. For you have
placed the command, set the action of conscious attraction into motion, and it no longer can ‘not’ happen.
The Power of the Conscious Mind
The power of the conscious mind is in its ability to think positively, choosing to send only positive
commands to the ever serving subconscious mind. Again from Thomas Troward: “Form the habit of
thinking ONLY the thoughts you wish to see crystallized in a worthy achievement or result.” It takes a
little practice to overcome the influences of the unconscious mind and its tendencies to repel, negate,
limit and defend. But keeping the possibilities of a beautiful and glorious life in front of you by continuing
to contemplate the reality of Divine unity and the power of the truth that there is no separation and
there is no absence, will surely enable you to refine your power of positive thinking and enable you to
issue the commands that will manifest for you the fulfillment of your hearts deepest desires.
It IS possible. Millions of people are living lives full of godliness and grace simply by choice.
Why not you?
The Power of Happiness
Have you ever noticed how happy people seem to draw everything good to themselves? To attract
nothing but good into their lives? We might mistakenly assume that it is because, for some mysterious,
unknown reason, they attract everything good into their lives that they are happy. It is not a mysterious
unknown reason. Happiness is not dependent upon things. (If anything, it’s the other way around). Happiness
is a state of mind. It is our natural state of mind, I might add.
One thing that we can control, that we can command, is our state of mind. We can command ourselves
to be happy. Doesn’t it make you happy to believe that?
The secret of the happy person is that “Like Attracts Like”. Isn’t it true?
If you are unhappy trying to be happy by attracting happiness, it simply will not work. Haven’t you
experienced that? But the situation is not hopeless. You simply need to know how to change it.

The Power of Conscious Command
If the subconscious is under the influence and consistently obeying the commands of our unconscious
mind, which is the repository of our life’s experiences, conclusions and beliefs, the truth and constructiveness
of which is at least dubious if not outrightly nonexistent, then wouldn’t it be to our advantage to
free our obedient subconscious from the influence of these possibly harmful commands floating around
randomly in our unconscious mind by learning to connect with it personally and offer it sets of commands
hand-tailored by conscious awareness itself to bring about the most immediate maximum benefit
in our lives?
A positive mind has several distinct attributes, all of which can be developed with a little focus and
practice. The two that spring to mind most readily are Belief and Will. Belief has to do with the knowledge
of Unity, “there is no separation”, and the knowledge of Presence, “there is no absence”
If the point of prosperity is freedom, you must be willing to be free even without money. if you make
money (abundance, riches) the key to your freedom you will never be free of your need for money. If,
however, you recognize freedom the point of your wealth, you will always have the wealth that you
need if you are always free.
Now being always free is really more difficult that it sounds, because it means to be free of your fears
and desires, which is the definition of spiritual liberation. And that’s why the work of true spiritual liberation
is the key to all abundance. As Jesus has said (paraphrased), “Get this, and all else will be added
unto you”. “Who hath shall be added unto. Who hath not, shall lose even that.”
So it is the work of liberation that brings the realization of abundance that is necessary for it to be
manifest, and the mindset that it is the other way around is really an enslaving mindset rather than a liberating
one. So we must be liberated from influences of that mindset and freeing ourselves from a deeply
ingrained mindset is not easy; it always pops back up again.
It is for that reason that we must train our minds on the very deepest, most positive level to understand
reality and how it works. This is the goal of the true metaphysicians and mystics - to never let go of reality.
It is also the point and purpose of the Sufi path.
Aaah! To be free of our fears and desires. As an aspiration, it is not among the top ten.
Our fear of letting go of our fears is that the things we fear will happen to us if we are not constantly
vigilant. And the fear of letting go of our desires is that we won’t get them if we do not desire them
really hard.
Liberation is not for cowards. Only the truly courageous attempt the journey and then their courage is
put to the maximum test. Approbation, hatred and wrath are only a few of the trials to be faced. Loss,
loneliness, abandonment and despair come also to mind.
But spiritual liberation brings richness, and not the other way around. We all know that, yes? And
without spiritual liberation we remain the very slave to our fears and desires that brings to us the anguish
of fear and of not having what we so desperately want. We attach our happiness to things precisely because
we are unhappy, but we are unhappy because we attach our happiness to things. In this minset,
that of believing illusion to be reality, there is absolutely no way out. That is why we hear that the fate of
the unbeliever is to roast in hell forever. Without spiritual awareness, we are condemned to our own
self-imposed suffering forever.
And we call that ‘Life’.
What foolishness.

Freedom brings riches and slavery brings anguish and fear.
Now there’s the Law of Attraction in a nutshell.
More on Conscious Awareness of Reality
Now we may know that reality will never let go of us but what do we mean by never letting go of reality?
Even when we are unconscious, reality still has a hold on us, and for the most part, even when we are
conscious, we are not really conscious of reality but more like being aware of ourselves in some temporary
dream or situation (life) requiring our presence and attention. So we are of a single mind, focusing
on the ‘problem’ at hand. And by ‘single mind’ I mean, consciously unaware of the reality in which the
drama of the moment is taking place.
So what IS this ‘consciousness’ that hides reality and claims to seek it?
It is precisely at these moments when we must pause for a brief reality check, come up for air, as it
were, and realize that illusion is not reality. At that point of realization we are then functioning with two
minds. And if we shift our energy to that parallel detached viewpoint we can become objective concerning
the drama of the moment and be susceptible to an inspiration which may lead us to a better solution.
The Power of Belief
Belief is an activity. You have to do it. It isn’t something that just happens to you. In a way it’s like a
muscle. The more you exercise it, the more capable it becomes. Knowing this is the secret to to “As you
believe, so shall it be”.
When Prof. Wm. James of Harvard told us that we are using only a tenth part of the power that is
ours—both physically and mentally—people smiled unbelievingly. When Judge Thomas Troward followed
this with the startling statement that Universal Mind or God is to each of us exactly what we look
for in Him—a God of happiness and plenty or one of poverty and misery—and Emerson enunciated his
theory of the Oversoul, people shook their heads uncomprehendingly.
But these statements were true, and verified in Sufi lore with “God is found in your opinion of God”.
If you believe God Can and Will, God Can and Will. And likewise is the opposite true.
The difference between Faith and Belief
Having faith means that you know that exercising the power of belief will work, and indeed, may well
be the only thing that works. Faith is your belief in belief. Faith is Knowing; Belief is exercising.

Al Fatiha

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